Hi, I’m Joss, Eco Family Travel Blogger

Hi, I’m Joss, eco family travel blogger. Welcome to Little Green Globetrotter! I’m married to Alex and we have a son, Theo, who will be 2 in December. We were both raised in London but moved to the Lake District in northwest England, where we lived for 5 years. I am a Clinical Psychologist and Alex is an engineering Project Manager, but we both have a passion for travel. We are in the process of moving to Christchurch, New Zealand, and are taking some well-deserved time out of work to travel en route.


I’m very lucky that I grew up in a family that travels; in fact, I’ve been abroad at least once, usually more, every year of my 28-year long life. Before Alex and I started dating, I travelled solo a fair bit in Europe, around China, across Jordan, and up Kilimanjaro. Travelling is certainly part of who I am, and I don’t just mean ‘I like going on holiday’ (because, in my view, there is a huge difference between holiday and travel), I mean I want to really explore every corner of this beautiful planet and understand the people, culture and customs of each place I visit.

in my view, there is a huge difference between holiday and travel

I hope to travel to every country, and I’m prone to getting seriously itchy feet if I stay at home for too long. When we got married, Alex and I were told, more than once, that we would have to choose between our dream of travelling the world and our wish to start a family…we were having none of it, so we chose both! People often remark that we’re ‘mad’ for even attempting extended travel far and wide while heavily pregnant/with a baby/with a toddler, or they seem to be slightly in awe, or they simply don’t believe us (the gentleman conducting our visa interview at the US Embassy in London, for example!). Look out for my posts on trip planning and destinations for inspiration and thoughts of how we do this with ease.

We have always tried to be mindful of our responsibility to preserve the world for future generations, and look to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle and use ecological products where we can.

While travelling, we purposefully choose to support businesses, including where we stay, where we eat and where we buy travel products, that keep the environment and local community at the forefront of their ethos. Having Theo has led us to adopt an even more environmentally-friendly lifestyle (although we are still far from perfect!). Babies and children create so much waste (in both senses of the word!), most of which ends up in landfill, but making thoughtful choices can make a huge difference. We were told by many people that we wouldn’t be able to maintain our eco lifestyle on the road, but it really is easier than you may think. Keep an eye out for my product recommendations and tips on how to stay green while globetrotting as well as at home, all of which have been personally tried, tested and loved by me. I will not promote any products, brands or suppliers that I don’t use regularly.


Joss after brain surgery
Since I had a brain tumour removed in 2011, I have been committed to regularly participating in and organising charitable events, fundraisers and projects. Alex and I have vowed to commit to at least one annual project with Theo every year. I will be blogging about the local community initiatives and overseas events that Theo has taken part in, in the hope that it inspires you to also get your children involved in giving to charitable causes.

I’m an adventure-seeking adrenaline junkie and I love being active and outdoors, as well as photography, art and cooking. I’m a ‘throw it together’ type of chef who likes to think that she has a good enough understanding of flavours to pull this off, so I rarely follow recipes. I love picking up ideas from around the world and will share some of our favourite meals from our travels in the hope that this will inspire you to try new foods with your little ones at home and while on your travels. Alex also loves photography and we work together on this, so will be sharing our favourite photos.

We want Theo to have a love for adventure and a sense of curiosity about the world, and what better way to develop this than actually exposing him to it?

No, travelling with young children is not wasted! So, with Theo in tow, I am here to show you that travelling with a young family is not only possible, but hugely rewarding, fun, valuable and it can easily be done in an environmentally friendly way.

Thanks for visiting and happy eco travels with your family!

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