About Little Green Globetrotter

Hi, I’m Joss. I’m married to Alex and we have a 4-year-old son, T, and a 1-year-old son, C. I wear many different hats: mummy, partner, photographer, writer, clinical psychologist, adventurer. I love art, cooking, live music and anything that gives me an adrenalin rush, and I’m at my happiest when I’m active and outdoors.

Mummy, partner and adventurer

We currently live in Queenstown, New Zealand, but we’re originally from London and have lived in the Lake District in northwest England and in Christchurch, NZ prior to finding ourselves here.

We love New Zealand and although this is likely to be our base for the next couple of years (it’s a great country to be riding out the pandemic in!), we’re not putting down any long-term roots just yet; we’d love T and C to have the opportunity to be ‘world-schooled’ and we plan to continue exploring near and far.

Travel isn’t about having a holiday…

it’s a lifelong education

Travelling is certainly part of who I am. I’m very lucky that I grew up in a family that travels and before Alex and I started dating, I travelled solo a fair bit in Europe, around China, across Jordan, and up Kilimanjaro.

Travel to me isn’t about having a holiday. I travel to explore, seek out adventure, see nature at its most beautiful, witness the creatures we’re lucky to share this planet with, and understand and learn about the people, culture and customs of each place I visit. It’s a lifelong education.

I hope to travel to every country, and I’m prone to getting seriously itchy feet if I stay at home for too long.

When we got married, Alex and I were told, more than once, that we would have to choose between our dream of travelling the world and our wish to start a family…we chose both!

While travelling, we purposefully choose to support businesses, including where we stay, where we eat and where we buy travel products, that keep the environment and local community at the forefront of their ethos.

Having children has led us to adopt an even more environmentally-friendly lifestyle (although we are still far from perfect!). Babies and children create so much waste (in both senses of the word!), most of which ends up in landfill, but making thoughtful choices can make a huge difference.

We want T and C to have a love for adventure and a sense of curiosity about the world, and what better way to develop this than actually exposing them to it?

No, travelling with young children is not wasted! So, with our boys in tow, I am here to show you that travelling with a young family is not only possible, but hugely rewarding, fun, valuable and it can easily be done in an environmentally-friendly way.


From the age of 5, I was encouraged to keep travel journals, along with diaries of my experiences at home whenever my Dad was away with work (he made history and science documentaries that took him filming all over the world).

This is a practise I still keep up; I have written a diary every night since I was 11 and I find I write more whenever I’m away. It enables me to capture my thoughts, musings, emotions and sensory information, and reflect on my experiences and the impact they have had on me.

I am a clinical psychologist and have published original research and review articles in scientific journals. I specialise in trauma (everything from childhood sexual abuse, to torture, to natural disasters, to road traffic accidents to victims of war, both military and civilian) but work clinically with a wide range of mental health difficulties.

Although this seems a world apart from travel writing, I love to learn about people and the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to who we are, and I find that the skill set overlap is considerable.

In both roles, I draw on my ability to thoroughly research, interview effectively and compassionately, keep notes that can bring back an entire conversation or experience with a single word, maintain confidentiality, and then reconstruct my findings into a concise report for a specific audience, accurately reporting my experiences and opinions as well as those expressed by others. Even pitching to editors is not all that different from pitching for research grants!

I hope that my expertise in human development and behaviour also brings an interesting and somewhat unique perspective to my travel writing.

My blog focuses on eco family travel and contains a whole host of information that will enable you to travel sustainably all over the world with your family.

Posts on trip planning, destinations and volunteering offer inspiration, answer burning questions, and will challenge you to think outside the well-trodden ‘family travel’ box.

Product recommendations and tips on how to stay green while globetrotting, as well as at home, will enable you to do this with ease. Please note that all recommendations have been personally tried, tested and loved by me. I will not promote any products, brands or suppliers that I don’t use regularly.

I am also available, with my family, for freelance commissions. I am currently a regular contributor to the Natural Parent Magazine.


I’ve been taking photographs as long as I can remember. The excitement of a roll of film finally landing on my doormat along with the prints I’d sent off for a couple of weeks prior was replaced by the trigger-happy digital age at some point in my early teens.

Throughout these years, I practised, practised, and then practised some more, honing my skills, first on a point-and-shoot and then on a DSLR.

I like to shoot anything that inspires or moves me: landscapes, animals, people. Photography, like writing and psychology, is a craft that one can continue to improve, expand, evolve and learn.

I am also available for freelance commissions.

Thanks for visiting and happy eco travels with your family!