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Here you will find my top tips to empower you to travel with your family without any unnecessary stress. I hope my suggestions are helpful and allow you to focus on making wonderful memories to cherish!

I’ll also give you my suggestions for home and world schooling your children, with some great ideas to encourage development while remaining fun!

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Author showing bump at Avenue of Baobabs demonstrates that travelling while pregnant is possible.

11 Tips for travelling while pregnant

Can you fly during pregnancy? How easy is it to travel during pregnancy? If you’re planning a babymoon, make sure you read these essential tips for travelling while pregnant for a safe, comfortable journey and stress-free trip.


The Pros and Cons of Worldschooling

If you’re considering worldschooling as an educational approach, your core family philosophy and way of life, you may have lots of questions about whether it really is going to be right for your f ...

A father hiking with children through the forest

7 Tips for hiking with children

Hiking with children is one of those things that people often assume is too hard, not worth the effort, or simply isn’t possible. Alex and I did a lot of hiking before Theo was born, but this hasn’t c ...

Mother and son kayak together on Grand Lake, Colorado. The boy is wearing a Frugi sun hat.

Eco-Friendly Sun Protection

With the school summer holidays fast approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and sunny days with high UV exposure continuing year-round in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought it a good opportunity to wr ...